Indigenous Peoples Rights and Natural Resources


To address environmental concerns like management and protection of natural resources; restoring ecological imbalances; innovating for new eco-friendly livelihoods, RWUS initiated several programs and environment projects especially for women and youth through related skill building and promotion work. Networking and negotiating on issues faced by the indigenous people, engaging with extractive issues for protection, promotion and management of natural resources and indigenous people’s rights is also part of the process

The Women Environment Project of RWUS in collaboration with Women’s Earth Alliance helps local women to advocate the issues of natural resources and climate change affecting their livelihood security.

RWUS initiated collective platform of CSOs, NGOs, Students, Academicians and environment activists to challenge emerging issues around natural resource extraction in the North East India. The Consortium “Coalition on Environment and Natural Resources (CENRs) engage with local communities, national and international platform under three thematic interventions: Women and Extractives issues, Socio-economic situation of communities effected by mining and oil and gas exploration,  Indigenous peoples rights and their land

Secure the peaceful co- existence and human sustainability

Protect the traditional skills and knowledge of indigenous farming community, and recognise the role of Indigenous women in farming.