RWUS has initiated activities to enable women effectively participate in decision making in the family, community and society at large. Activities such as women leadership training, skills on lobby and advocacy, women rights, women political participation and women peace and security issues have been provided to local women. Promotion of “Women in Governance promoters” at local levels have made possible for women to come together and exchange their learning and experiences.

RWUS believe that economic security of women and governance is the key elements for women empowerment. Thus we initiated activities to enable women increase the bargaining capacity and improved access to their rights. RWUS provided economic support to those women engaging in small trades such as weaving, tailoring, small shop, piggery, and farming.  Apart from economic support, we provided consistently small monthly financial support to 11 WHRDs to strengthen their human rights work.

Establishing alliances and networking with other women organizations across communities, faith, languages and culture, RWUS is actively participate in network of women collectives at state, regional, national and international levels with strong structural attachment to local women.

In collaboration with women’s organisations involving Women in Governance-Manipur, we initiated a project to monitor women’s daily peace and security in conflict torn state of Manipur.  The monitoring process breaks the silence and isolation of local women, increases their visibility and provides an opportunity to strengthen their collective struggle to response women peace and security situations in Manipur.

Sharing personal experiences enabled local women to better understand their peace and security situation; building trust, strengthening connectivity and their collective power. The overall process is all about peace building and peace keeping within oneself, in the family and community.

When my husband was killed by armed persons, I experienced pain and social stigma. I thought I was all alone in this world. My engagement with RWUS on Monitoring Women’s Peace and Security gives me an opportunity to meet other women like me. Today, we shouldered our burdens together through phone calls, group meetings and home visits- Ms Vanlalkung , Gun Widow Survivor