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The Rural Women Upliftment Society (RWUS) is a non-profit organization located in Churachandpur District, Manipur, India. It was established in 1990, with dedicated local women groups working on a voluntary basis in its early years. By raising funds within the community, RWUS now operates skill training and livelihood programs to empower and support marginalized women and girls.


Enabling people for a just, peaceful, and prosperous future.


We are dedicated to empowering local communities through capacity building, raising awareness, providing training, advocating for change, building alliances, and offering material support.


  • To foster awareness regarding rights, gender, climate change, agriculture, and economic development.
  • To empower local communities in addressing injustice, corruption, and the violation of basic rights for both men and women.
  • To strengthen people’s organizations, including churches, women’s groups, youth associations, and community-based organizations.
  • To empower women, farmers, and marginalized sectors of society through training, facilitating access to essential rights, and offering material assistance.
  • To create a platform for open dialogue between men and women, fostering a better understanding of social, religious, and political aspects, thereby nurturing democracy.
  • To promote the participation of women, farmers, and minority communities in decision-making processes and peace initiatives.
  • To empower focus groups by ensuring their economic empowerment through access to government policies and provisions.
  • To tirelessly strive towards justice and sustainable development by unlocking the fullest growth and potential of women and minority groups.
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