Women Leadership and Governance

Women Leadership and Governance is a process initiated by RWUS with other women collectives in Manipur, North East and India. The process aims to advance women leadership in all decision making at all levels, Working towards local women visibility from victimhood to change and to leadership positions in addressing their daily peace and security.

Right to Food and Food Security

Family daily food requirement is often a concern and challenges for rural communities in Manipur. To address these overarching issues RWUS engaged with 3200 poor farmers through activities like Sloping Agriculture Technology(SALT), Systematic Rice Intensification, FAITH Gardening, and other Livelihood programs

Indigenous Peoples  Rights  and Natural Resources 

RWUS initiated programs to address environmental concerns like management and protection of natural resources; restoring ecological imbalances; innovating for Eco-friendly livelihoods, especially for women and youths through related skill building and advocacy. Networking and negotiating on issues faced by the Indigenous Peoples Rights ,RWUS also  work towards  extractive issues for protection, promotion and management of natural resources.

Capacity Building

Capacity building to empower local communities like CSOs, CBOs, Youths and Women is an on going programs at RWUS. We provide training and workshops on Gender, Conflict and Peace Building, Leadership Building, Climate Change, Human Rights and Farmers training on regular basis.

Smile Project

RWUS initiated a small project known as “SMILE” in 2010 to assist the underprivileged and orphans  from contributions made by the staffs, individuals, well wishers and Church departments. Through this project, orphan many were given gifts and material support and educational support  and so far, more than 1000 children’s benefited the project.