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Hmar Cultural Heritage Sites|Lungthulien|Parbung|Senvon| at Pherzawl district- English version Hmar Cultural Heritage Sites|Lungthulien|Parbung|Senvon| at Pherzawl district- English version

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RWUS Launches Empowering Initiative for Marginalized Women and Girls

RWUS has successfully implemented the Women's First International FundĀ  program dedicated to ensuring livelihood security for marginalized women and girls residing in border areas.
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K. Salem relief camp

Urgent Call for Donations as Rural Women Upliftment Society Extends Relief Efforts to Neglected Far-Flung Camps

RWUS distributes blankets and essential supplies to remote Churachandpur district relief camps, urging the community…

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RWUS Initiates Kids Garden School for Displaced Children in Camps

On September 5, 2023, the RWUS launched the Kids Garden School program for displaced children…

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Community Effort: Clean Drive Conducted in Churachandpur, Manipur Relief Camps

Churachandpur, Manipur - August 14, 2023: In a remarkable display of community collaboration and philanthropic…

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Two-Day Free Medical Checkup Camp Organized for Displaced People in Manipur Amid Ethnic Violence

Churachandpur, Manipur - July 27-28, 2023: The Rural Women Upliftment Society held a two-day free medical…

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Manipur: Health Camp organised for Victims of Manipur Ethnic Violence

Churachandpur, July 4, 2023: The Rural Women Upliftment Society in Churachandpur, Manipur, recently organized a…

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Rural Women Upliftment Society (RWUS) Organizes Two-Day Health Camp for IDPs in Churachandpur, Manipur

Churchandpur,, July 3: The Rural Women Upliftment Society (RWUS) has embarked on a noble mission…

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Protection of cultural heritage site

RWUS carried out a project aimed at safeguarding cultural heritage sites in Pherzawl district, Manipur.…

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Aawrness Program on Gender Health and Education

A program focused on Gender Health and Education awareness took place in Kamhang village, Churachandpur…

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Community-led Initiative Aims to Reclaim and Restore Green Spaces in Churachandpur/Lamka Town

RWUS has been actively engaged in cleaning rivers, streams, and the overall environment through women-led…

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ground breaking of CFC SFURTI

Common Facility Center (CFC) Ground breaking programme held

Ground breaking program of Common Facility Center was held on 18th November, 2022. The event…

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