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Manipur: Health Camp organised for Victims of Manipur Ethnic Violence

#1 Health Camp Organised for Victims of Manipur Violence
#1 Health Camp Organised for Victims of Manipur Violence

Churachandpur, July 4, 2023: The Rural Women Upliftment Society in Churachandpur, Manipur, recently organized a two-day health camp on July 3rd and 4th, 2023, to provide crucial medical assistance to victims of the recent ethnic violence in the area. The event was held at a community center to ensure ease of access for those displaced by the violence, which has left over 12,000 internally displaced persons residing in 106 camps throughout Churachandpur town.

On Day 2 of the health camp, a team of doctors and nurses offered their services to treat patients requiring medical assistance. Among the volunteers were two medicine specialists, two gynecology doctors, one pediatrician, and four supporting nurses. On the previous day, four doctors generously volunteered their time and expertise to assist patients in need.

Free medicines, including sanitary pads and diapers, were distributed to all patients to address the scarcity of medicines as well as alleviate the financial burden of healthcare expenses on the victims of ethnic violence.

The Rural Women Upliftment Society expressed its gratitude toward the healthcare professionals and other volunteers who donated their time and efforts in treating the patients. Through community-wide collaboration, the society exhibited its dedication to uplift and empower violence-affected individuals in Churachandpur.

Source: Assam Times

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