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Ms Darthangmawi Hmar


Ms. Mary Beth Sanate


Ms Zosangkim Pudaite

Finance Secretary

Ms Lalthiengzo


Ms. Ramsiemzo Tusing

Board Member

Ms. Caroline Zothangmawi

Board Member
Chairperson: Ms. Hrilrohnem

Ms. Hrilrohnem

Board Member
Program Manager : Mr. Samuel Lallawmzuol

Mr. Samuel Lallawmzuol

Program Manager cum Office administrator
Project Coordinator : Ms. Melody Zairemmawi

Ms. Melody Zairemmawi

Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator : Ms. Deborah Lalsiemtling

Ms. Deborah Lalsiemtling

Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator : Mr. B.R. Sanglien

Mr. B.R. Sanglien

Project Coordinator

Loicy Lalrawngbawl

Community Development Executive
Finance Officer : Mr. Christopher Faiheng

Mr. Christopher Faiheng

Finance Officer

Mr. Stalone Lalhnethang

Accountant cum Cashier

Ms. Lalthangpui

Office Assistant
Daniel Lalringsan.

Mr. Daniel Lalringsan

Field Coordinator
Andrew Singson.

Mr. Andrew Liendailo

Field Coordinator
MaryGrace Lalhlimpui.

Ms. Mary Grace Lalhlimpui

Field Coordinator

Christina Hmangaithang

Assistant Project coordinator


Assistant Project Coordinator
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