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To address the deep-rooted issues of food insecurity in rural Manipur, RWUS has been providing regular skill trainings, workshops, and material support to over 1000 farmers and families living below the poverty line. The Manipur Food Security Project, which has been running since 2005, responds to the serious food insecurity issues caused by abject poverty, negligence, and deprivation of rights.

The project addresses the innumerable issues confronting livelihoods and daily food requirements through activities such as Sloping Agricultural Land Technology (SALT), Systematic Rice Intensification (SRI), FAITH Garden (Food Always in the Home), and advocacy to better access public schemes such as PDS, NREGA, and other farmers’ entitlements.

The project also assists farmer’s groups and women in creating opportunities to collectively address their insecurity issues relating to food by setting up and strengthening community Food Banks and Seed Banks. The food and seed banks are managed by Farmers club and Women Self Help Groups. In times of food scarcity, the community in the villages can depend on the food available in the community food banks.

Through our efforts, we have been able to reduce the number of families living below the poverty line by 40% and have ensured that over 90% of families have access to sufficient and nutritious food. The project has also empowered women and farmers to take control of their food security and has created a sense of community ownership over the food banks.


Right to food must be available to all with dignity and self-esteem

We do not choose our food, we eat what is available,” said Lalsandam Changsan, farmer from Thingchom Village.

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