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National Consultation On Women And Customary Laws (NE context) In New Delhi

Consultation on Women And  Customary Law (NE context) A Short Summary Of The Program Held At New Delhi, 23rd  September  2016 Opening Remarks: Sanjoy Hazarika ( Director , CNESPR) Customs and Statutory Laws are two separate entities. The status differs in scale and that cannot be mapped. Looking at the customary practices vis a vis laws,

North East Consultation On Women, Natural Resources & Governance

North East Consultation on Women, Natural Resources and Governance was held at Guwahati on 7th and 8th September 2016, Participants from 7 North East States comprises of Women leader’s. The Consultation greatly enriched and capacitate the participants. In the current discourse on gender equity and justice, women’s access and control over natural resources has been

Seed Money Distributed By ATMA

Thank you ATMA for distributing seed money and revolving fund of Rs. 10000/- to 3 of our women Self Help group.  The seed money was given through cheque and we wish the three Self Help Group and team ATMA a great success. God bless you all abundantly.

Training On Mushroom Cultivation

RWUS Organised Women’s Farmer’s Training in collaboration with Agriculture Technology Management Agency( ATMA) on 29th July, 2016. Participants were trained on mushroom cultivation and were provided with free mushroom sponge and bags so that they will be able to start their own mushroom cultivation at home. Thank You Team ATMA…………

One Day Consultation On ” A Critique On Tribal Customary Laws From A Gender Perspective”

Outline of the consultation: When Modernization introduced India’s legal system to the tribes in the North East, many people felt that modern institutions, including the legal system, devalued their culture. In order to preserve their identity, they demanded recognition of their customary laws. Today, many Tribal communities in North East observe customary laws as part

One Day Women Leadership Training

Women In Governance(WinG) North East and RWUS organised Women leadership Training on 31st May to strengthen the role of women in Governance and decision making. The program engaged women key leaders from different tribal communities to share their stories, experiences and achievements. Issues like inclusion of more women in decision making bodies and capacitating second

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