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International Day of Action for Rivers Observed in Saidan, Manipur

On March 14, 2022, the 25th International Day of Action for Rivers was celebrated in Saidan Bridge Churachandpur, Manipur, in collaboration with various organizations such as RURAL WOMEN UPLIFTMENT SOCIETY (RWUS), Hmar Students’ Association (HAS)-Saidan Unit, Saidan Green Village Committee (SGVC), and Save Wildlife Foundation(SWF), Manipur. The event was attended by Sinlung Royal Riders(SRR) and Eimi Riders Manipur(ERM) and had a theme called “Rights for Rivers-Protect waterways in our communities.”

The event was hosted by Mr. Charles Lalenglien Ralsun from Saidan Green Village Committee, and speeches were given by various people, including Mrs. Mary Beth, Secretary of RWUS, Mr. Rohminglien, Chief of Saidan, Mrs. Lalnunnem Faiheng, Women leader, Dr. David Buhril, Principal of Happy Heart Junior College, Save Wildlife Foundation, Manipur, and Saikawt Tuithapui Protection Committee/Saikawt Defence Committee. The importance of the International Day of Action for Rivers was emphasized in their speeches.

After the speeches, a demonstration was held to clean the river along Saidan Bridge and the catchment area where Saidan villagers get their water through pipeline from the hills. The attendees also planted saplings along the catchment area. Mr. Rohminglien, Chief of Saidan, requested everyone not to dump any garbage into the river and congratulated the organizers of the program for their efforts.

The community people were more conscious of protecting their water catchment areas and rivers crossing their village after the event. They pledged to take measures to protect and rejuvenate their catchment areas, rivers, and environment. The Chilterns and youth actively participated in all these activities and will continue to take part in maintaining and protecting their environment. They also plan to promote and practice sustainable and organic farming.

The International Day of Action for Rivers was successfully observed in Saidan, Manipur, with the participation of various organizations and community members. The event raised awareness about the importance of protecting rivers and catchment areas and inspired the community to take action to preserve their environment.

In addition to the speeches and demonstrations, traditional shawls called Hmar Thangsuopuon were given to all the people who had given wonderful speeches about the program, and attendees were given campaign T-shirts, masks, gloves, mineral drinking water, and light refreshments.

Saidan Village is well-known for being the model village chosen by MC Mary Kom, World Champion Boxer, and MP in Rajya Sabha. RWUS and Saidan-Green Village Committee took a step to make Saidan a Green Model village. The event served as a platform for community members to come together and work towards a common goal of protecting the environment.

The International Day of Action for Rivers is celebrated annually on March 14th and serves as a platform for communities to come together and advocate for the preservation and protection of rivers and waterways. The event in Saidan, Manipur, was a success and served as an inspiration for other communities to take action towards protecting their environment.

In conclusion, the International Day of Action for Rivers was a reminder of the importance of our water resources and the need to take action to protect them. The event in Saidan, Manipur, brought together different organizations and community members to work towards a common goal of preserving the environment, and it was a success. It is hoped that this event will serve as an inspiration for other communities to take action and protect their environment as well.

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