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Briefing of SFURTI, 2022

Indigenous Farmers Association (IFA) General Body meeting was held at RWUS office compound on July 13, 2022. The programme was attended by 340 farmers- current members of IFA and newly registered farmers. The meeting was presided over by Mr.B.R.Sanglien, Logistic Supervisor for the project.

Mr.Samuel L.Shakum, CDE explained about SFURTI project to farmers who attended the programme.

During the General Body meeting, farmers decided that RWUS will look after IFA and RWUS staffs viz. Chief Functionary, Program Manager, Project Coordinator and concerned staffs will be the Ex-officio members for the managing committee and will have the authority to amend the managing system and accounting system. Election of New Managing Committee 2022 to 2025 was held under the guidance of RWUS staffs.

List of newly elected leaders:

1.Chairman: Mr. Laldawnlien, Saikawt village.

2.Vice-Chairman:Elder Lalruot, Thingchom village.

3.Secretary: Mr.B.R.Sanglien, Muolvaiphei village.

4.Assistant secretary: Mr.Chawngneilien, Saidan village.

5.Finance Secretary:Mr.Lalrempui, Muolvaiphei village.

6.Treasurer:Ms.Chawngthanmawii, Saikawt village.

Committe Members:

1.Mr.Philip Lalbelsa, Langza village.

2.Ms.Ramvarmawi,Saidan village.

3.Mr.Daniel.R.Infimate, Rengkai village.

4.Mr.Lallungmuana, Hmuntha village.

5.Ms.Lalsangpui,Muolbem village.

6.Mr.Doulianmang,Khuangnung village.

7.Elder L.Thangkhotong, Geljang village.

8.Mr.Tongkhohao, Geljang village.

9.Ms.Golden, Muolbem village.

10.Mr.James Lalramliana, Saikawt village.

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