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RWUS Launches Empowering Initiative for Marginalized Women and Girls

In a groundbreaking initiative, the Rural Women’s Upliftment Society (RWUS) has successfully implemented the Women’s First International Fund  program dedicated to ensuring livelihood security for marginalized women and girls residing in border areas. Through this program, RWUS has extended crucial support to empower women traditional weavers, artisans, and young girls, fostering economic growth and enhancing life skills.

Traditional weavers, a significant part of the marginalized community, received essential materials support to boost their income generation. As a result, they were able to produce thousands of traditional shawls with diverse designs. These high-quality products found their way to local markets and neighboring states such as Assam, Meghalaya, and Mizoram, contributing to the economic prosperity of the marginalized women involved.

The program also targeted school dropouts and young girls from economically backward classes, offering them full scholarships for livelihood skill programs in beautician and tailoring training. Through these training courses, participants gained valuable knowledge and improved their skills, opening up new avenues for economic independence.

In a bid to promote local and organic products, RWUS spearheaded an extensive campaign to install women farmers markets. These markets serve as platforms for selling a variety of locally produced goods, fostering sustainable economic practices within the community.

The multifaceted initiative also included training sessions and materials provision for women artisans to create paper bags and cloth bags, aiming to combat the widespread use of one-time plastic. By equipping these artisans with the necessary skills and resources, RWUS contributes not only to economic empowerment but also to environmental sustainability.

RWUS’s Livelihood Security Program encompasses the following activities:

  1. Providing Weaving Materials to Women Artisans/Weavers: Ensuring that traditional weavers have access to the necessary materials for income generation.
  2. Full Scholarships for Young Women: Offering scholarships to young women from marginalized sections of society for beautician and tailoring training programs.
  3. Installation of Women Farmers Markets: Creating platforms for the sale of local, organic, and traditional products.
  4. Training and Materials for Sustainable Alternatives: Empowering women artisans to produce paper and cloth bags as eco-friendly alternatives to combat one-time plastic usage.

Through this comprehensive approach, RWUS is not only uplifting marginalized women and girls economically but also fostering skills, knowledge, and sustainable practices that will have a lasting impact on the community and the environment.


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