International Women’s Day Celebration 2016 At RWUS

International Women’s Day Celebration-8th March 2016 at RWUS under theme Planet 50-50 by 2030-Step up for gender equality.

Greeting to strong women. Finally we’ve come here to celebrate who we are, at this very important day it’s high time we know who we are, how important we are to the world, to our family and our society. We have tons of roles to do everyday, we faced series and series of violence in our daily lives, and we gather our strength to stand up many times though we fall many times. I salute all the brave women in this world who contribute to bring peace at home to peace in the world. Today we have a different theme which promises to give us equality with men by 2030. To achieve this target we need to learn more just one thing, i.e start questioning what you don’t know or try to clarify your doubts, its time to ask and raise our voice instead of keeping the doubts within us.

She highlighted a few rights of a woman, firstly, pensions for all unemployed women, divorce and property rights for women. Many a times we heard people speaking of property rights and child custody, today she speaks more on how woman claim for their property rights and child custody, its always important to note that when a woman divorce to her husband usually customary courts used to write down the will of both parties, during that time a woman should never write that she will not claim anything from her divorce husband in the future, this should be done to protect the woman and to enable her to claim her maintenance and her children. Her child custody will come to an end as soon as she re-marries to another man.

Balloon exercise:
Every participant was given one balloon and one stick each and was told to prevent their balloon to burst and keep it till the end. The person who keeps the balloon till the end will be given a prize for being a good keeper.
Within no time the participants pierce each other balloons, without listening to the instruction provided.


  • The balloon exercise depicts our society, we all wanted our rights to be fulfilled, we all wanted to be the best and stand up till the end but we do not bother taking away others rights and privileges.
  • We often move too fast without listening to the instructions provided, women often speak rumors about others without knowing the facts.
  • Nevertheless women are always busy at their own kitchen, conducting the balloon exercise is a good energizer as well.
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