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Sloping land Agriculture Technology (SALT)


Mr. Paukhankap, aged 45 of Mualpi village is farmer who works with RWUS. He has an annual income of Rs50, 000/-(approx.) He cultivated in a rented land of about half-sangam (2 acres).Paokhankap learnt the SALT when he attended the training programme organised by RWUS. He started his SALT farm in 2014, hoping that he will get better production. Accordingly the production increased considerably in comparison with the conventional method of cultivation. However, he face the challenge of water scarcity yet he still hope that the next year will be a better year. Paukhankap said that SALT not only increases crop produce but also consumes less time and energy than the traditional method in preparing the soil bed for cultivation. Therefore, the farmer is ready to do the same in this current season and is also, willing to plant more NFT. Unfortunately, the plantation of crops variety such as Cabbages & Garlic has failed due to insufficient water supply. Paukhankhap family have better and increased production helping him from serious food insecurity.

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