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Seed Money Distributed By ATMA

Thank you ATMA for distributing seed money and revolving fund of Rs. 10000/- to 3 of our women Self Help group.  The seed money was given through cheque and we wish the three Self Help Group and team ATMA a great success. God bless you all abundantly.

Women In Governance(WinG) North East Planning With APPI

RWUS hosted Women In Governance(WinG) North East Planning program with Azim Premji Philantrophic Initiatives(APPI) at RWUS Training Hall.  

Community Meeting on Food Issue

Availability of food at home is often a big concern for rural communities in Manipur. The food security project under taken by RWUS communities is well informed on food politics and the impact global marketing relating on local food security.  Since women play a key role from farm to kitchen, opportunity is given to them